Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun Finds: The Coop

   This week the poultry pen has been front and center in our lives; new hatch-lings tend to do that to you. With my peeps growing and mess making every day, it seemed only fitting to focus our Friday Fun Finds on the coop.

I personally do not have need for winterizing the coop; south Texas winters are seriously mild. For all those living above us, Fresh Eggs Daily offers this excellent post chock full of information for winterizing your flock's favorite places...they also share the link to their very own feed mix.
A movable A-frame shelter for pastured chickens. 
For us frugal minded flock keepers, The Modern Homestead offers their plans for a pasture shelter made from items that might already be on you property. Here is a link to the plans, material list, and thoughts to consider before building.

Rooster and hen anatomy 
As a home schooling homesteader, I loved teaching my children every aspect of flock care. Urban Farm Online offers this helpful poster as a tool for teaching poultry anatomy. I love the gingham background and the beautiful colors used.
play pen set up to keep the babies safe..we have done this many beautifully 
Raising babies is a large part of coop life, and how to give them pasture time has always been a quandary for me. Over at Pam's Backyard Chickens I found this cute little peep playpen..just right for a little sunshine and greens, don't you think?
Marbles in the water to prevent drowning. Genius. 
Morning walks to the brooder can end in devastation when a little one has fallen into the water and drown.  This week a Pinterest  board showed placing marbles in the water to help those little peeps stay safe. Such a simple solution..who would have thought?

   This week has been a wonderful blessing spending a few minutes here and there checking on the noisy little bundles of energy. Before long they will no longer need the constant attention and care; that doesn't mean I won't be out there anyway. Speaking of which..time for a walk out there right now. Have a blessed weekend.

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LOVE the little playpen! Clever.

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