Sunday, November 4, 2012

Turkey Time...New Arrivals!

   It's true. Despite several of us being down with a bug last week, turkeys arrived anyway giving up a much needed push to get back on our feet. Crazy how a box full of gawky little peepers can completely brighten my day.
  Turkeys are not timid by any means, however, these are not violent. They do peck at your boots and the buttons on my jacket...I find them to be rather curious when something different is near their pen. We stir the bedding when we enter the pens - aerating the shavings and encouraging movement of the birds (idle birds are not healthy, growing birds).
   Round the clock stir and checks are on the chore list. Food and water are gone through rather quickly and must be filled often- if they run out they tend to gorge themselves and develop droopy crop conditions which can be fatal - never a good thing.
   Every noise is curious to them. I get a kick our of making a coo or cluck sound at them; the whole flock stops, becomes rather attentive with outstretched necks, and fluffs out their feathers (not in strut, just fluffing out). They will start to coo back and attempt to warble those funny first warble noises.
   I must say, they are a lot of work, but no more than any baby on the farm, and they are fun. Personally, I enjoy their antics and noises, their curious nature and silly, gawky faces. Though we take shifts with the birds upkeep, Farm boy loves them the most. His commitment to their well being is a sign of a good man!

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Dicky Bird said...

We haven't done turkeys for a long time....brings back memories. Enjoy! Blessings from Wisconsin.