Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Quirky Tradition

   Years ago I was invited to a woman's house to do some quilting. In her kitchen a tiny door was tucked under the cabinets; almost too discreet to see. When asked the purpose of the door she replied it was just for fun. There in sparked a silly and quirky tradition.
    This sweet little mouse ornament has been making her crafty appearance around the farmhouse since the first year we moved in. Only seen when holiday festivities are underway..she might be found under the piano or perched in a window sill. Each of us takes turns with joy and laughter placing her here and there. Great fun and imagination shine through her silly antics. Watch in corners and in the branches of the tree because you never know just where she might be.
   Today I found her tucked among the decorations just waiting to appear in our home. A smile crossed my face at the memory of many fun adventures we have had with her..oh the stories made up and shared over such a simple and quirky thing.


Michelle said...

What a great tradition.

Becky said...

The "argument", and subsequent, constant rearranging of the pumpkins that sit with our small windowsill turkey are a tradition around our house at Thanksgiving, as is the Christmas octopus ornament we have for our tree. It's so special to have little things like these that are unique to each of our families.