Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Off & One On

   Just days before Christmas the Holly Lane quilt managed to find it's way off the frame. With evergreen binding in place, this pretty challenge headed for a new home. No more snow flurries or chimney swirls for me..after a few days rest it is now time for something new.
    There are ten complete quilt tops waiting for their turn on the frame...choosing which one is next is always a problem. At the advice of a teen, I gathered up the smallest one to get me going. Today there was pressing and stretching; pinning and basting.
   So it is, the Jungle Baby Patchwork is ready for needle and thread to magically transform this crafty quilt top into a true and complete heirloom treasure. Traditional 'Baptist Fan' hand quilting will cover corner to corner in cotton cream thread.
   Oh the rows of churn dashers and flying geese...a pretty heart and the little jungle baby animals tucked here and there. I look forward to some fireside stitching these next several days..hopefully it will finish up quickly and make room for the next big quilt..a red white and blue pinwheel!

   If you are interested in reserving this quilt, please see it's listing in our shop Simply Scaife Handmade.



Anonymous said...

10 guilt tops? You are going to be busy for a while! That jungle baby quilt is adorable, and definitely great for a little boy.

Beautiful work, Michele. :)


Anonymous said...

meant *quilt* not guilt. lol

Simply Scaife Family said...

Ten is a really big number..but none of them are in a rush; they wait patiently for me. I have to say, I love this little quilt, mainly for the little 'hide-and-seek' peek-a-boo animals tucked here and there.