Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Season's Serving: Angel Tree
Image from Angel Tree program 


   Ministering in the prison system opened our eyes to things we otherwise may not have seen. While convicted criminals pay their debt to the society they have wronged, their families pay a heavy price..their children in particular. Suffering unnoticed are innocent victims of the choices made without them. 
   The Angel Tree program connects incarcerated families with their children through Christmas gifts given by donation. Children's wishes are placed on ornaments that decorate the Angel Tree often  set up at various churches or businesses; ours is at the YMCA. 
   Each year that one of our family members has worked for the YMCA we have chosen an ornament and filled the needs of a child or set of children...offering not only a gift, but the ministry of hope to their family.  For more information about the Angel Tree program, please visit their web sight here


Michelle said...

I love the Angel tree. We usually have toy for tots at our K Mart. But I haven't seen them. Maybe it's to early.

Simply Scaife Family said...

In our area, the donations had to be in by the ninth. Might check and see if it was hosted in another location.