Monday, January 7, 2013

Into Something New and a Review

   Well the secret is finally coming out- I am going back to class...Master Gardener class, that is. The decision has plagued and tormented me for years and this year I finally put my name on the list..dug into my quilt earnings and payed the dues. Today was spent in preparation for my morning departure; it has been a long while since I had to be up and out with a deadline..a long while. All this required some planning and a bit of review as to how I made this work many many years ago when I not only taught in a classroom, but was a wife/mother, and a trying to finish my degree.
    Back in my working days my family still ate a whole food and healthy way- making it work, now that was a challenge. To jump start my meal plans a whole chicken was roasted on Saturday afternoon with the bones set in a slow cooker for broth. Sunday found a roast in the pot..also with broth to spare. With meat ready to go, daily menus fell into place with basic amendments and side dishes. Another quick fix to aid with breakfast was Sunday night supper- a bread/breakfast item such as waffles or French toast would be made in bulk, packaged in to freezer portions just right for morning toaster reheats.
   With so much already prepared the occasional -whoops what's for dinner- was less frequent and generally met with omelets or such for a quick fix. We didn't allow a fast food run or a processed product for fall back- it's just too easy and unhealthy to rely on. The reality of some serious food allergies also pushed us to stick out the plan and make it work.
   A few things that made this run a bit more efficiently- I have two crock pots large in size with removable crocks for easy cleaning, standard go-to bread recipes that make several loaves at a time, and an old-faithful shopping list to keep me in line. Rarely do I vary from the familiar isles or from items I truly need. Gardening has been a real help making fresh produce and canned goods readily available.
   These days I don't have as many feet under my table, but I do need to pack a few lunches and feed a growing farm the old meal plan has made a comeback. The only real change is keeping a few days open for teen cooks to step up and take the range..or the grill..they can make a mean burger!
   Tonight, with great trepidation, I pack my tote with crisp paper and fresh pencils..mints and a bottle of water. Lists are made for my still at home student to keep on track with..meal components are readily available. Tomorrow I stretch outside my comfort zone and work some lazy brain muscles..wish me luck.

   By the way...I keep getting asked what I will do with this training once it is over (it's a six week course). My answer..what can't I do with it? When did we become a people who can no longer learn just for the sake of learning? Who knows...maybe I will teach. Only the future will tell. 


Lisa said...

I want to take a master gardener class! But working 40 hours a week leaves little time. I look forward to hearing about your course...please keep us posted!
So excited for you!

Michelle said...

I know who to come to with questions.I think it's great that you are taking classes.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you friends. It took me years to have time to commit to the classes..and I do hope to share what I am learning with all of you.

Keli Martin said...

Good for you Michele!! I am looking forward to hearing your tidbits of wisdom! Some day I will get to go back to school too :D

Simply Scaife Family said...

Let me just say...sitting still that long is harder than I remember.