Thursday, January 17, 2013

Working Toward a Week's End

   Another week of classes down in more week closer to completing my course. The change in routine has been a challenge, but this week was much easier than my relief. Soil microbes, fertilizer and pesticide uses and organic gardening methods were the hot topics we dipped our toes in. My mind is on information overload..don't know how I will ever process all this information.
    At week ending we suffered an attack on the herd. Very little evidence left behind makes it quite difficult to determine the culprit. We are reviewing fences, housing and safety measures to prevent future incidents. Unfortunately, predators are part of life and this sort of thing not only happened, but will most likely happen again at one point or another.
    Preparations are under way for some future projects: Prairie Tots are coming together, two more Prairie Dolls are ready to list, two mini quilts are on the table. I have some outlines scribbled out for hand quilting posts as well as more serving topics.
    All this busy work has left me worn out and ready for a hearty day of rest. That said, I invite you to join Simply Jenn on her websight for some tasty treats and beautiful handwork. Hop on over to Simply Jenn for a glimpse at my daughter's new and improved inspirational blog.

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