Monday, February 11, 2013

A Drizzly Rainy No-Good Day

   Grey clouds shrouded the sun bringing drizzle and drear to this nippy Monday morning. I don't do drizzle and grey is not a's a depressant. Zero energy left me in an ugly frump and I just don't have time for that.
    In an attempt to combat the bad weather blues I brought out some green- shamrock green. My free motion quilting project that had been glaring at me from the design wall finally had my attention. A practice sandwich went through the needle first; wiggly clovers were the motif for today. Machine quilting is not my thing, but I am learning..and I am getting more comfortable with it.
   Another item needing completion was a little pinwheel sampler. I made these blocks for practice..there was a prayer quilt to complete..this pattern and I needed to get acquainted. The extras were placed together and free motion quilted to practice my floral design. Each pinwheel has a flower swirling around it now.
   The family painter sent me a few water color samples to work with..our new family project- art quilts. Here I have ready for basting the cherry blossom tree- set to be quilted with some landscape, breeze swirls, and some accent bark and cherry blossoms. We'll see how it goes.
   Another gloom buster was a trip to my greenhouse; tending little seedlings is such good medicine. My poor critters were just as upset to have such a dreary day. Their calls from the stalls ensured we all heard their plight.
   Tomorrow is set to be just like today- a drizzly, rainy, no-good day, but I won't be home for most of it. Three more days of classroom instruction before the 'in garden' portion of my course starts. Maybe the images of beautiful growing colors will distract me from the dreariness outdoors.
    Hope you are all dry and warm..and able to find some brightness in your day.

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