Sunday, February 24, 2013


   Despite a few ominous claps of thunder the weather was just right for a wedding among the pines. Behind a house at the side of a little hill two people said their vows and joined together bringing a wonderful extension to our family. Congratulations and best wishes to Dustin and Nicole.
   Tonight I sit here with mixed emotions; watching one grow and go is hard. I imagine we all feel that way. They look so happy together- smiling and filled with laughter. My prayers are for their tomorrows as life brings its ups and downs..those moments that squeeze us revealing the depths of our being. Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye opener. I smile..they have a long road ahead and I pray they learn to laugh in the midst of it.
    With a mother's heart I wish them well and pray for them as they work through those difficult early years. God has brought my husband and I through so many years of work, wonder, and prayers ask He guide them as He has guided me.
     God bless you both...with love, MommaChele