Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February's Garden

   Grey skies brought drizzly rain and a bit of nip in the air- not my favorite weather, but we need the rain. Here in the kitchen seed packets are scattered about the table where my pen and paper have been sketching garden plans for a few friends--and revising a few plans of my own. Though the weather may be less than encouraging for planting right now, several things are already set in soil, and several things will be planted as soon as the sun returns.
   Here three garden sections are planted with onion, lettuce, peas, carrots, and dill. These seeds are kept moist (as needed) by soaker hoses and gently protected by floating row covers. Once the seeds are well established, the covers can be removed. A larger section has been tilled, amended, and covered with clear plastic to solarize before planting. This helps with weed/pest management..and this area had a bad outbreak in the fall season. Finally, the green you see is red clover. The goats had been cleaning this area, but left behind the bases of clover. At the end of the month, the clover will till  under providing nitrogen for March planting.
   The greenhouse holds seedlings of broccoli, cabbage, kale and spinach. Tiny tomatoes are just popping up. During sunny days, these little plants are starting to test their stems outside on flats..but they're not quite ready for the soil just yet. Peppers haven't poked through the soil just yet..they tend to take their time getting going.
   In front of the farmhouse, Jenn's herbal tea garden is undergoing February transitions. Roses and hibiscus are getting a serious pruning while new herbs are taking root. Two new fruit trees are joining the borders with some thorn-less blackberry bushes. New mulch, fresh bedding and plenty of compost are setting this garden up for warm, sunny spring days.
   Beyond the stalls and old well house a far garden waits..bits of clover peek beneath the compost freshly cast. Late afternoon finds the hens there scratching and working the soil in preparation for a three sisters garden; corn, beans, and melons will find their home here.

   February Planting List

Major crop

Direct seed: beets, broccoli, cabbage, collard, fruit trees, lettuce, onion, mustard, potato, turnip

Minor crop

Direct seed: arugula, chard, dill, fennel, garlic chives, kohlrabi, nasturtium, parsley, raddish,
Plant: kale, lemon balm, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme

   Time is at hand and the sun will shine bright before we know it. Let's don our grungiest overalls, some funky garden boots...dig those nails deep into the earth and grow something wonderful!

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Heidi- The White Wolf Summit FarmGirl said...

I enjoyed reading about all the work you're doing, and list maker that I am, I really like your planting lists. I hope to see pictures of the Tea Garden when its blooming and I am excited about your new garden beyond the well house. More garden space is so exciting. We can always fill it up. Have a great week Michele.