Monday, March 18, 2013

A New Distraction

   I had been browsing..drooling, the notion of a newer sewing machine. Recent classes on machine quilting have put a serious strain on my current it may not recover from. While quilting small projects on my Singer was going fine, it seemed more dense or dramatic stitch work was causing some motor dysfunction..thus my browsing.
   Today upon a strange system of events a blessed bargain came across my just too amazing to pass on. At my husband's urging we became the proud owners of a second hand Janome Horizon complete with all kinds of extras.
   While excitement courses through my veins, it is mixed with intimidation. I completely dislike the unfamiliarness of a new takes me a while to find that comfortable place. Tonight it sits, tucked in a travel case under the sewing table, waiting for me to read the manual cover to cover a dozen times before plugging it in for a first time go.
   What about you? How do you familiarize yourself with a new machine? Share your experience!

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