Monday, March 4, 2013

Days Filled With

Last years greens...
   The past several days found us bracing against strong winds that shifted from frigged to warm. Weather like this makes gardening or anything difficult. Instead of planting and seeding, I found myself watering and weeding in preparation for those calm days to come.
     Our crock has been bubbling with tasty tomato sauces. My oldest and I have been stocking the freezer with enchiladas and pasta sauce in preparation for those days when a speedy meal is needed.
       In the sewing room there is an absolute mess. Snips and clips keep the machine humming; a baby blanket in the works, a few little dolls and a quilt to be finished. I walk in that room and just don't know where to start. Of the three tables in the room every one of them is piled with activity. My guys say if I'm in there leave me be because I am busy and focused.
         Soap has been curing on the batch was disastrous. Sometimes experimentation does not yield happy accidents...let me just say, there are some plastic molds that will never be the same..oh, and one cake pan- ruined.
           Any extra time in my day is take up with poop. Chicken poop, goat poop, donkey poop..composted poop...yeah, I'm in the poop. Mucking it up, spreading it out, stirring it up and casting it along side..poop is a big part of my day.
            On the up side..with all that poop working I will have plenty of wonderful produce, right? Every wheel barrow has a bright side:)


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