Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March's Garden

  The homestead garden comes alive during the month of March. Planting frenzy takes hold as we try to set our rows for summer harvest. An empty greenhouse is a testament to the hours of work already completed. Joy comes from ending every day with soil under my nails and the earthy scent of compost on my clothes.
   Tender spring greens are abundant for harvest: beet, kale, lettuce and spinach. Daily doses of vitamin packed leaves strengthen us for the work ahead. Broccoli and cabbage plants are thriving after some compost side dressings, while second plantings of greens peek through the soil nearby.

   Transplants have been hardened off and now make their place row by row in the garden: tomato, pepper, and herb. Each are now nestled deep and stretching their roots in soft nutritious soil. They stay under row covers in case of a hearty storm or a chill night. Even so, fresh growth comes quickly during the sunny days.
   Seeds are eager to get going in the warm earth; corn, squash, beans and melons...okra, too. As the month progresses succession planting of large crops hit the rows every two weeks. As the seeds go in, soaker hoses make their place under row covers keeping things comfy for sprouting. Every seed brings with it the hope of a harvest to come.
   Sore muscles remind us just how deep a commitment we have to this task. Growing isn't easy, but it is so very worth it. What a blessing to sip a glass of tea on a garden bench as the birds sing from the tree tops and the seeds sprout beneath the soil.
   What's your March garden hold?



Dicky Bird said...

Your pictures make me smile and dream of my 2013 garden. Blessings from snow covered Wisconsin.

Simply Scaife Family said...

I haven't seen true snow for so long..I can only imagine the beauty of it glistening in the sun.

Cindy Lee said...

This post fills me with hope. We just started our first no-till garden yesterday and hope to finish it today...We are using the 'Back-to-Eden' method...I'll be praying hard on this one as it's a totally new concept to us. Thanks for the inspirational pics!