Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Gardening: Tomatoes

   Nothing says summer like fresh off the vine tomatoes. Juicy and sweet, this summer vegetable holds the key to many a gardener's heart. Here in the south it is said to be a proper southern woman you have to grow good tomatoes. I have no idea if that is true, however, it is a proven fact my husband treasure the taste of farm fresh tomatoes.
   March 15 is the magical number for getting those wild vines in the ground growing. We set our seeds in the greenhouse early January keeping them warm and sheltered until daytime temps hit the 70's. Then the growing plants are given daytime exposure to sun and breeze to strengthen their stems and stretch their leaves.

The bare facts:

     Start seeds in the greenhouse the first of January
     Transplant hardened off plants March 1 through 31 (Temps ranging from 51 to 73)
     Succession planting is recommended- use trellis or cage support
     Common Southern Varieties:
     Large red:
     Early girl/Better boy - hybrid
     Arkansas traveler- heirloom
     Viva Italia- hybrid
     Small cherry:
     Sweet 100-hybrid
     Yellow pear

 My personal seed resource favorites are Producer's Co-op, and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.


Clint Baker said...

Oh they looks so good and tasty!

Aunt Sue said...

I'm just getting my seeds started. mine will be in the ground at the temps you harden yours at, or they wouldn't have time to ripen!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Hi guys! Great to hear about your planting:)