Monday, April 1, 2013

Stall News Update

    March gave way to April with hail and high winds..stirring the pollen and tossing a few tree limbs. The push of spring kidding brings a rush of activity as we separate the herd and isolate the mamas. Stalls were designated for birthing mothers while the kidding supplies came out of the supply closet just in time. Morning strolls to the barn brought with them wonderful surprises we welcomed with great enthusiasm.
    This little 'not-so-shy-guy' arrived setting our morning out of whack; I was rushing out the door when his mama proudly showed her surprise. Joaz is an energetic buckling full of life and vitality. Already prone to chasing the rooster and leaping over logs, Joaz keeps us laughing. His pretty blue eyes just make our hearts melt.
    While Joaz is always game for attention and a picture, his mama, Naomi, is not as enthusiastic. She would rather nibble her afternoon greens and be left in peace. This first time mother is taking to task very well, proving her value as a herd leader.
    Sometime after morning chores and breakfast these two little beauties popped into the world. Salome and Veronica arrived together..twins completely different. One has long Boar ears, brown eyes and a soft brown coat; when she perks up she looks just like a miniature donkey. The other has Nigerian style ears, one blue and one brown eye, and a unique spotted coat. Both spent the day heartily nursing and napping.
    Days were spent fussing over their mama, Ruth. Her first kidding was difficult, needing assistance as she panicked and struggled to push through. This time around she delivered unassisted, having those two girls up and nursing before I even found her. Way to go, Ruth.
      The yearling pen is down to two. Earlier issues with large predators put a terrible dent in our herd size. Mattie, our buck, and Jubilee, our littlest doe, make up the yearling herd and are not sure how they like being away from the others. We lost our only dairy doe after a terrible attack; she had still born twins before her death. As of yet, I have been unable to replace her..leaving us buying milk..not a fun thing.
      High protector and head security officer, Doc, remains ever vigil at his post. Sniffing over the fence at new arrivals; pacing the perimeter for signs of 'enemy activity'. Arrangements of fencing paired with more diligent herd rotation seem to have helped barnyard security keep things better protected.
     All this busy activity leaves little time for Ms Kitty and I to smell the beautiful roses that have also burst forth this weekend. Nevertheless, a glass of tea on the step did offer us a chance to watch butterflies flutter by and a few bumble bees whiz by.


Dolly Sarrio said...

Oh my what a beautiful barnyard family you have here. The little morning surprises are so cute, well all of them are. Glad you shared with us.

Dicky Bird said...

How fun. I love baby goats! Give a few kisses from me. Blessings from Wisconsin.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you, Ladies. I am really enjoying the new blessings!