Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This Week In the Barnyard

    April showers keep little goats inside making them very restless and fussy. Alas we find a muggy afternoon for some much needed romps and nibbles. I can hardly believe three weeks have passed since the does started kidding..my how the babies grow.
    Here we find Joaz, our only buckling born this season. A hearty chunk of a kid, he loves playing king of the coop with the roosters, nibbling fresh greens and chewing on my fingers. Only three weeks old, he already displays proud manly dominance toward the other 'kids' in the stalls..it makes them squeal for their mamas and gets him in all kinds of trouble. I have a feeling this one is going to be a handful.

    This little miss is ever to timid and absolutely refused to have her photo taken...true to her nature she is posed 'running away'. Long ears specked with cream flecks give her the appearance of a tiny donkey. Salome is often hiding in a secret place, however, just today she gathered her courage and explored the world beyond the stall. If caught and cuddled, she will make grunting sounds at you and grind her teeth. Salome is the dominate doeling this kidding.
     Oh little Veronica..spotted with short ears she looks like a miniature cow in the herd. Her dainty cry is her 'defense' against everything. Sporting one blue and one brown eye, Veronica is never far from her twin, Salome, who shares her joyous desire to make her mother frantic. These two girls always find the best hiding places and do not come when their mama calls. Today, against her will, she ventured into the grazing yard with the others..and didn't like it at all.

    The yearlings, Mathias and Jubilee, are going through the preposition phase..over under around and through everything. This week they are learning patience on the tie out pasture. Standing still and gaining some manners is very important for little goats; these two are finding out good things come to good little kids. Hopefully she will go into season..breeding often calms a wild doe.
    While my layer flock churns out a whopping 29 eggs a day, across the yard a sanctuary coop has become home to some new chicks. Spring brings chicks to feeds stores leading many of us to tote a few home. We offer homes to little ones that don't have one, or need a bigger one.
    Hadassah has always been a good flock and herd dog, keeping watchful eye and rounding them up as needed. Lately, whether due to her age or nature, she has needed some reminders of her place..having taken to chasing and, sadly, killing a hen. I work closely with her, but, her response to commands is lacking. Time will tell if it's just a phase or if we will need to be more careful with her in the pastures.
    As for Doc, he says have a wonderful week..and pass the alfalfa!


Dolly Sarrio said...

Oh how I enjoyed this post. I want some goats and a donkey. Yours are just precious! Thanks for sharing Michele. My daughter growing up always said "Mama, why can't we have a goat?" We couldn't have one where we lived. "She said well, I wish we were rich enough to have one." So cute I just have to get her some now...grown or not.

Dicky Bird said...

Your critters are cute!