Monday, May 27, 2013

At the Grill

    As southern temperatures start to climb we find ourselves more and more at the grill. For several years now the majority of our warm weather cooking has been done outdoors on the grill or the side burner..leading us to explore the fine art of 'cooking out'. The farm boy has developed quite a knack for grilling and regularly volunteers to light it up.

A Few of Farm Boy's Grilling Tips

* Marinate: long and strong. The best way to work up a good flavor and a tender bite is plenty of acid, oil, and season.
* Fire it up: keep it high. A good 500 degree heat is perfect for sealing in those juices while cooking through it.
* Leave it alone: seriously...walk away. Smashing and constant flipping are a sin. This leaches out the natural juice and flavor leaving your grilling dry and flat. Let the grill mark it and work it..sip tea or something.
* Anything can go in the grill: anything. There are no limits to fire cooked foods. We have made pizzas, veggies, loaf/flat breads and even a few cobblers on the grill. Once you try it, you'll be hooked.

   This weekend found our farm boy hard at work with some tasty marinated burgers with whole grain buns and fresh watermelon. Let me just say..the boy can cook...but, how does Daddy feel about this grill takeover? Let's just say, he couldn't answer because he had a mouthful of juicy hamburger.


Dicky Bird said...

I love grilled food. Isn't it great when your kids can do these things for you. I came home to a rhubarb crumble cake - better than mine! Blessings from Ringle, WI.

Dolly Sarrio said...

Oh I wish I could taste his burgers...We need to try other things on the grill. Farm Boy has quite the talent and I know as a busy mom that is good for you too! Enjoyed the post.

Aunt Sue said...

Always looking for good marinade recipes that don't call for wine or wine vinegar. Have some to share?

Simply Scaife Family said...

It is a blessing to have their help when we are so busy each day.
My basic marinade is two parts oil, one part acid (such as a vinegar, citrus juice), and seasonings (Creole spices are a favorite). As an example, our burgers were marinated in olive oil, Worcestershire (as the acid), and Creole seasoning. Hope this helps.