Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Don't See That Every Day

    It isn't every day you walk into the barn and find little chicks hitching a ride on the herd..or do you? Lately my end of feed stroll through the stalls has revealed a quirky little secret. It seems the buddy system has taken root in a few of our little hens..they hop on the back of one goat until said goat is close enough to another goat for them to hop across and hitch a ride with someone else.
    Oddly enough they seem rather drawn to our yearling buck, Mattie. He totes them about during the dusky hour before roosting..for no apparent reason.
      They are so quick to hop from host to host I only managed a picture with their favorite. Who knew the evening barnyard had such secret antics? Maybe I should slip out there at midnight and see what conundrums they are getting into.


Michelle said...

I never heard of that happening before. Very cute.

Dicky Bird said...

That is so cute!