Sunday, June 23, 2013

Look What Just Arrived!

    The past few days found me with a nasty sinus headache. Glum and groggy, my mood was less than pleasant- what do you know? A little brown box was delivered to my door with just the pick me up I needed. My craft swap partner had perfect timing this weekend!

    The wonderfully talented Dolly Sarrio of Dolly's Designs and Dolly is Cooking sent me beautiful hand made treasures. A creamy ruffle wreath came with soft gold ribbons- just right to welcome me in. Though I haven't hung it yet, it will be a welcome sight when I return to the house from a travel or trip.
    This pretty embroidery pillow stole my heart. I gazed at it for the longest time; it's such a perfect fit. Here in my old rocking chair it sits beckoning me to come stitch a while.
     Quilting being such a passion of mine, this little quilted heart is just right for my sewing room. The picture is a little blurry and just doesn't do it justice. A warming touch to a busy space. 
     Rounding out the treasures in m box, a pretty pink gingham apron. It arrived with a special little note sharing stories of home ec classes and pink ric-rack. A farmhouse kitchen can never have too many hand made aprons!
     Thank you, Dolly, for sharing your love of hand made treasures with me. I am blessed and privileged by your friendship and sincere love of crafting. A wonderful thank you also to Michelle, at Michelle's Little Piece of Heaven for hosting this event and gathering us all together to share and learn about each other. 


Michelle said...

Dolly is so talented. I am so glad you enjoyed the swap.

Leigh said...

Wow! What an amazing goody box! I love the perfect timing, and hope you are feeling better.