Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Weekend Garden That Wasn't

    I am a planner; a maker of lists; a dreamer of big projects. There is always something bubbling or brewing in my mind and on my property- yet, I am human. Despite my lofty goals of getting fall tomato starts in the soil, setting runner bean seed, and trimming goat hooves I am down with a bug. The wonderful wet soil will have to wait until my tummy settles and my sinuses relax.
    In between soda crackers and ginger ale, I have managed to work a little house keeping. It wasn't too bad considering this was my first full week at my new job. At one point I seriously considered thinning my herd and downsizing the gardens this fall. Thank God in heaven that notion passed. Instead I sit here plotting a seed plan- sketching little seedlings on paper. It's good therapy.
     Back to my sipping and nibbling in hopes of a full and fast recovery- weekend blessings to you!

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