Friday, August 30, 2013

Grazing in the Garden

   It's no secret; late summer makes our gardens a desert wasteland. Weeds overtake productive plants and what they don't destroy heat and pest do. The past few weeks of clean out and cull left the garden rather empty and without purpose. Not this weekend.
      This weekend the garden gates are open wide letting the herds and flocks in. Free to roam the grasses and leftover roughage, the herd gleans weeds and seeds. Doc will nibble tougher things goats won't touch, and the chickens will scratch out grubs and insects before the next planting season begins. Soon they will have our plots stripped clean and ready to go!
     Naturally Hadassah will take her place just outside the gate ensuring everyone stays in their place busy at their task. She is quite the goat wrestler when need be!
     Southern gardeners, clean out your beds, solarize your soils, and get ready; the next planting dates are nearly here!

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