Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This Last Day

    For the past few days I have been hosting training sessions for teachers to help them implement fitness, gardening and healthy guidelines into the classrooms and curriculum. The turnout was lower than we hoped, but those in attendance seemed genuinely interested in getting the ball rolling and improving our learning environment.
    Today is the final day for training; our research focus schools are attending a more intense session today. Being there among all the books and bulletin boards stirred fond memories of my classroom years. My heart aches for desks, folders and all the posters that fed those creative learning years. Even my home school classroom has gone, leaving behind one lone student with a rolling cart of books and supplies. I miss beach ball recall games and hearing the victorious joy in a child's heart the first time they read aloud.
    Those days may have passed for me, but teaching, like learning, is a life long process. I may not be down the hall with desks and erasers, but I am in the gardens... the greenhouse, and even the office lending my experience and passion to those still in the trenches desiring to go one step further.
     On this last day I commit my heart to pray for fellow educators as they prepare and plan this educational year..and for students as supplies are purchased and schedules are made. God bless those in the trenches training up the future of our nation. 

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