Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh So Naughty & Not at All Nice

     Most days I arrive home to find my beautiful herd grazing peacefully among the wild grasses and brambled fence line. Most days they come to great me with gentle sounds of affection and sweet nuzzles. This was not most days. This was an oh so naughty and not at all nice day.
     This day I arrived home to find my pack of twitchy tails and floppy ears on the wrong side of a fence- a garden fence- a fence which held recently planted seedlings and tender shoots of greens. A fence recently repaired and reinforced to keep out my littles. This day, my precious blue-eyed babies jumped a brand new fence and veraciously tore through those tender shoots leaving behind hoof prints and carnage.
     I jumped. I hollered. I proclaimed them 'dead to me'. I chased and swatted like only a crazed woman with serious issues could do. My naughty not so nice garden munchers were banished to their stalls. No crispy apple peels... no chewy raisins... no sweet nose rubs from me tonight. Dinner came ..a cold meal of pellets and hay. They fussed and they whimpered, begging with all their cuteness.
     Yes, it's true. I can't stay mad at them long. Tomorrow will be a new day. They will be forgiven and all will return to the way it was...unless they loose their minds completely and decide to remain oh so naughty and not at all nice.

      Oddly enough, our 'herd queen' Zaida was not inside the fence. Coincidence? Or wisdom of her years? 

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