Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Long Ride Home

     The car door closes as a sigh leaves my lips. Traveling out of the parking lot the reality of tired, frustrated drivers greats me head on. Red light, long turn lines hinder my progress as I trudge along toward a very busy gas station. The decision to wait till morning lends me the escape from one more frustration as a fellow motorist cuts me off only to realize this is a turn only lane. He holds up traffic while waiting to merge back over before the road runs out.
      Turn to the right. Mainstream madness fades away behind me as the roadside boasts fewer businesses. Trees hug the shoulder offering a gentle canopy through which sunlight filters and clouds play peek-a-boo. The ride slows allowing the first signs of relaxation to soften my rigid frame.

       Rolling to my gate I am greeted by a farm boy busy at his work. Little goats line the drive offering a gentle sound as I pass. Doc gives a hearty holler while he runs to me eager to stick his head in the window for some nuzzling.

       Parked. I open my door to a very excited Hadassah- kisses abound as I step out. Deeply I breath in the scent of good earth freshly tilled and ready for planting. Inside a glass of iced tea waits beside a comfy chair where I will sit a bit and chat with my guys catching up after a hectic day.

       Nightfall finds me listening to the crickets and the whirl of my fan. Drifting off to rest a prayer of thanksgiving is breathed for the long road home.

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