Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where Have You Been?

     It has been a crazy, busy, wacky week- even Gumdrop follows me around with a quizzical look on her sweet face. Computer issues have kept me away from my little blog space, but a newbie has joined my tech toys. Tonight we test out a fresh computer in hopes of a happy return to blog land.
     Without any blogging to do, you may wonder what on earth has filled my days. Well, where do I begin? This week we were blessed to work with a local school building garden beds for their 3rd grade classes. Trailers and trucks were loaded down with cinder blocks and soil; tools, water and other sundries were in tow. It was hot, long, and a bit under-planned but a complete success. The image that fills my heart: kids clamoring a pile of soil filling buckets with reckless abandon. That equates true success!
      Aside from successful building, I have been unsuccessfully growing my own garden. Goats devoured the first plantings of fall crops. Rabbits took out the second planting. Needless to say, fence supplies are now purchased and in the works for this week. Those little fuzz bunnies best not cross my path- I will show no mercies- none at all.
      From the garden to the cabinets, I have been culling and cleaning closets, cabinets, and the all important pantries. Bag after bag of trash and donation have crossed the door frame leaving me a little less to mess with. With less kids at home and several hours at work, I need to downsize and simplify a bit more.
       Now you know where I've been, and hopefully you are ready to join me in where I am going. Great to be back- see you again tomorrow!

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