Monday, January 6, 2014

Frost Cloth, Frozen Water and Back at It

      While the nation wraps itself in warm woolens huddled close by the fire I, too, sit near the warmth of burning embers- extra socks on my feet and a sweater over my jammies. Our temp only teased itself above the freezing point, never really getting the ice out of water buckets- needless to say, the livestock is not amused.

       Our homestead gardens are nestled beneath frost cloth and tucked safely inside the greenhouse while heat lamps and extra tarps cover stall and coop vents. My first day back in the office found me bundled up in the school gardens with the last bit of frost cloth found; an attempt to save the last remaining bits of the fall garden.
         Back to work also meant back to the gym. I won't lie- it was tough getting out there and working up a good sweat, but the farm boy and I really needed it. Cold as it was, we managed. Thankfully warm, nourishing soup was waiting for us at home. We curled by the heat for a hot bowl- he read literature lessons while I studied my herbalism lessons.
         I longed to be cuddled in my chair next to a roaring fire with a quilt in hand working in rhythm to the crackling embers. Since my right hand middle finger was jammed last week, hand work has been out of the question (not to mention the living room is a disaster- we are laying new floor). Going through an old dresser drawer I pulled this pretty blue tea cup quilt. I remember working the design with my daughter and stitching it for my mother; this sweet thing has been tucked away too long. Off to find a place to display it- I can't bear to put it back in the drawer- and maybe one more cup of hot tea before bed.  

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