Sunday, April 27, 2014

Addressing it.. Let's Get Something Started

      Did you know that many twenty-something's are missing basic cooking skills? Many thirty-something's do not feel confident with basic cooking. The basic ins and outs of my job give me opportunity to hear the hearts of many homes revealing a startling truth- we have lost the art of cooking.
     Once upon a time, mothers were to be found in the kitchen; families were found gathered around the table. The introduction to TV dinners, prepackaged and fast food has left us lacking in both skill and desire. We live in a world of instant. Things happen on demand, are ready on demand, and we have come to demand it- much to our detriment.
     How do we turn the trend, and do we want to? The answer varies. Many long for the romantic notion of cooking a Martha meal, setting around a perfectly set table, and gazing at their beautiful guests/family. This false reality sabotages simple progress, leaving people feeling less than qualified and quite discouraged. What we need is basics.
     Basic skills are the first step- and basic skills vary according to where you are starting from. For some, basic skills may be purchasing from the grocery instead of from the restaurant. Others may be ready to start with whole, raw ingredients. Then, there may be some who simply need the ability to engage the family in getting it together and gathering at the table.
     You may see a slight change in my postings for the next bit as I look to address the concerns of new friends, drawing them from the place of fear into the area of confidence. The goal is to take what I have been hearing and be a mentor, a friend, a stand in mother -if you will- by inviting you into my kitchen to get comfortable with the environment. We may journey to the market, stroll through the garden, or just view the ads- taking small steps from where we are to where we could be.
     Due to the gravity of the content, posts may be every day or every other- but trust me, I am not giving up.. just getting it together. Let's do this together and see if we can build some home skills and healthy values. Grab your apron, note pad, Ipad, or whatever gets you going and meet me in the kitchen! 


Dicky Bird said...

Sounds like a great idea. I come from a long line of cooks - using limited ingredients. I have hopefully prepared my daughters and instilled in them a desire to cook from scratch. I know I have friends who "can't cook - and neither can their daughters..." sad. Too many happy meals in their lives. LOL

Lynn said...

You go girl!!!!!!!

Kathleen said...

Totally agree! Very timely!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thanks for the encouragement, dear friends. Hopefully this week I can get some posts published. Data collection for my research project and a long calendar of appointments seriously slowed me down this past week!