Monday, June 2, 2014

Better Beginnings: Breakfast on the Go

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   The morning rush: it's maddening! I have to admit that my mornings take off at quite a pace leaving little time for cooking and cleaning up breakfast. Instead of hitting the drive through on my way to the office/classroom/whatever-it-is-today, we have a few simple 'go-to' breakfasts that get us through.

    Let me start by saying: a little planning goes a long way. Once you commit to eating at home, and act on that commitment, it gets easier and easier to make it happen. As I share my 'go-to' breakfasts, we will also look at the plan ahead steps that make it fast on the run.

     1. Yogurt & Fruit. The easiest way to is buy the yogurt with the fruit in it, which I tend to do if I have to, but it's not my favorite. My fave is to cut fresh fruit the night before, place it into a container ready and waiting for a dollop of plain yogurt (sometimes a hit of granola or chopped almonds). This is way fewer calories and much less sugar.

      2. Toast & Banana. Here is really no pre-prep for this other than set the nut butter of choice and banana on the counter right next to the coffee pot (which is ready and waiting for me to just hit the button!). This is my 'on the run in the car' meal.

       3. Egg Scramble. Eggs are beaten into a container (canning jar or plastic with lid) and kept in the fridge until morning. Left over veggies, cheese, or some chopped greens are on hand ready to be added, if needed. It always surprises me how quick this really is. Add a toasted English muffin if you are craving a drive thru flavor.

        4. Smoothie. You can't get more car friendly than a smoothie. I set all my ingredients in the blender pitcher- in the fridge- the night before. Pop it on the base, give it a whir.. ta da.. smoothie. My smoothies are basically a handful of each: baby greens (spinach, kale, chard, or a mix), fruit (berries and banana are my fave- I like mine frozen), fluid (coconut water or milk, plain yogurt, or green tea).. sometimes I add some flax, chia, or oats (a spoonful).

        5. Boiled egg and apple.  A few boiled eggs in the fridge are a staple; never leave the fridge without. They are also perfect for a lunch, workout, or snack.

        Sure, I love the mornings when we whip up pancakes or stir up biscuits.. but those are here and there, not the norm. That doesn't mean we skip breaking our fast and fueling our body for the day. Instead, we keep it simple, keep it natural, and keep it whole so when the slow and steady pancake morning presents itself, we can appreciate it and enjoy it (and not cry over a few extra calories!).
         Share your favorite quick breakfasts!


Dicky Bird said...

All great ideas.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Some quick on-the-go breakfast ideas around here are avocado on toast or homemade nut/granola (protein) bars with a little glass of milk.

Love your ideas, Michele.