Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year- New You... Or Not?

This year began in my recliner; hot tea in hand, essential oils on, heating pad full blast. Last year hit me in the face and landed me on my rear with two pulled muscles and a migraine. My less than glamorous beginning wasn't the result of amazing parties or extravagant eating, but the unexpected emergencies that often come with adult children and older adults.

Today I recline here- resting to relieve my body's frustrations- listening to the drone and moan of the masses promoting 'a new you for the new year'. Some promise better health; some, better wealth; others, better social status. All this is rather dizzying and somewhat nauseating. Can I really turn my life around this year? Be more organized, more slender, and more fiscally sound? Probably not considering it hasn't happened so far.

Instead of facing this new year with empty resolutions and lofty ideals, I face this new year with a bracing dose of reality. I am still me- horribly flawed and desperately wicked. My health with be what it will be- for I am active and strong, yet hopelessly in love with bread and secretly a lover of carbonated beverages. My finances will be what they will be- for I an a frugal gal with a horrible weakness for chickens, fabric, plants and anything to do with my grandbaby. My social status- let's not go there since I could pretty much care less.

I guess what I am trying to say is- I have arrived at an age where none of these things matter to me. My heart lies with people; with the precious children I am blessed to work with; with my family choose to love no matter what; with my messy homestead- mucky stalls and all.

This new year will be fine. God is in control and I am walking through it one step at a time. Children will be loved; work will be done; animals and plants will join the farm and family life will be as chaotic as ever. I'm pressing on and blogging my way day by day. The question is- will you be joining me?

What is your take on the new year?


Kathleen said...

And may I just say, isn't it nice to reach this place in life. A lovely post, Michele. Wishing you a very happy year!

Anonymous said...

Sick too, dear friend. Gonna plod right along with you seeking to glorify God as I seek a closer walk with him. Thanks for you help along the way.Joyce

Dicky Bird said...

I like this. I don't make new year's resolutions - I make daily resolutions. Help me Lord to do the tasks ahead of me today...I'm pluggin away here too and will follow along as well. Blessings from Ringle, WI