Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Miss K & Uncle J

There is a special bond that grows in the heart of a child; a bond shared with a person that just 'gets them'. For Miss K, her 'person' is none other than the farm boy whom she affectionately calls 'My J'. From the moment they met, she just knew he was her person.
J put her swing on his old swing set and introduced her to the magic of 'flying'. 
Ready, set, go!
Higher and higher!
Giggles abound as the bond grows.
J shows her how chores are done; patiently walking with her hand on his pant leg. It's quite a sight to see this very tall guy being led by such a small girl, but they fit. 
Miss K knows where there is a J there is food! Nothing is sacred when she finds you eating a tasty lasagna or a cup of pudding. The conversations here are priceless! She has been known to barter a snack for a story; after all a growing boy and a growing girl need that, right?
She knows J is the perfect guy for taking a walk with, or taking swimming. He is okay with mud pies and fishing (because you know a swimming pool has fish, don't you?)
Together they play hard, get all sweaty, and cool off in the little pool.
They are a perfect pair- he never talks and she never stops!
Two of a kind.
Full of fun and mischief.
Always ready for a good laugh, 
or an energizing game of peek-a-boo.
Miss K and J

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