Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WIP- The Return of the Prairie Dolls

This week brought changes to my small life; changes that were somewhat expected and yet not. Rain and rumblings across my homestead left horrible humidity, sufferable mud, and plenty of painful biting flies and mosquitoes. It also found me facing the reality that my life is mostly alone. My children have moved- the last one is now in Alaska!- and my husband's job changed back to late shift. When the chores are done, the homestead can become a lonely place; I find myself melancholy and tired. To combat this, I have decided to revamp the sewing room and pull from the piles a few new projects- one of which is the prairie dolls.
Faceless dolls have always fascinated me and reminded me of my prairie home. Years ago I made them regularly, selling them at vendor events and online. The busyness of adjustment found the pattern at the bottom of the remnant pile where it has been waiting for some time.

This week I pull the bits and pieces of that life back to the surface and reacquaint myself to the feel of fabric and the hum of the sewing machine.  Calico prints, cotton stuffing, and homespun muslin line the tables; scissors find their fit in my hands; and deep within me the little barefoot prairie girl stirs. Once again, prairie dolls will come to life in the quite nights of my homestead life.
Welcome back, old friends!


Hibiscus House said...

This brings back memories! I love them and have made many. Yours are so pretty!

Angela said...

How sweet these are! Where is your pattern from? I would love to make some for my granddaughters. I too am mostly alone. My last child just graduated high school and is working 2 jobs awaiting Navy boot camp. Hubby's hours are often late into the night. It is indeed a lonely season.

Michele Scaife said...

Thank you, Dolly!

Angela- my pattern is a slightly altered old McCall's pattern that has sadly been discontinued. My mother had it in her box of patterns- and I have several different faceless doll patterns I tend to pull parts from as needed to change them up a little.

Many Amish 'faceless doll' patterns are very similar to these and available online. Sorry I can't be more helpful! I could send you a copy if you are interested. My email is simplyscaife@yahoo.com if you want to contact me about it.