Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Well, this is for my nephew. He said we needed pictures of our dogs. We have two, however, this is his particular favorite - Hadassah. She is a one year old chocolate lab - full of fun and kisses. As you can see, she loves to go for a ride- especially if we are going to a park or trail. When she was new to us, we took her to the local YMCA for hikes on the nature trail. Hadassah has become a dear treasure to our family.
One day this past summer, my nephew ( the dog lover) came to stay with us for a day. He was walking with me through the sunflower patch - we were watching butterflies rise out of the wildflowers- and as we walked he said, "Hadassah loves me." I asked him how he knew that. His answer was to jump up and down with his tongue out and say, "She is blowing me Hadassah kisses." Such a treasured memory!


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