Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting Back on Track

I must say, being out of commission for any length of time is just miserable. Personally, I have been out of commission for 7 full days - down in bed with a bug. This one was a long one such as our family hasn't had in many years. Now that my head is off the pillow and my feet more securely on the ground, I am attempting to put my home, schedule, laundry and such back to my routine. This is no easy task - as all of us well know. It seems in my absense, my kids became real teens, my chickens grew a foot, and my brain lost memory.
In all this, applause are in order for my dear husband and kids. They worked very hard to keep the chores done, schoolwork on task, and me stocked with ice chips and blankets. These are the times when you realize that all the hard work you have done so far to teach and train your kids - the good and the bad - the drudge work and the dull - the little things and the big - are worth it. Here we are encouraged to continue in this job of raising young adults. When I awoke, fever free and concious, laundry had been done, house kept, and a chicken was in the crockpot. Yeah! Thanks wonderful family of mine!!!
Now, back to work for me. It is time to redefine whose chores are whose and how we got all this done before the bug hit our house!!


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