Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy hands

Oh, the joy and blessing of keeping our hands busy at a task! This is a habit our household tries to keep and encourage. In my opinion, there is no real reason to sit idle with no particular purpose to your time. You may say, " What about resting?" To answer that I say - handiwork can be restful. Sitting peacefully, cup of warm tea, family nearby with needle and thread in hand is restful and nourishing to our soul and our mind.
You may say, "That's fine for girls, but I have a boy." Well, me too. Leathercrafts, carving, rope work, net making -- these are all crafts my boy (now a 7th grader) has put his hands to. He also can sew (especially mend), crochet (fine motor skill), weave, tie all manner of knots, and woodburn. Another busy hand for him is studying survival skills (we love to camp and hike). So, yes boys can handwork too.
Us girls vary in our chosen handicrafts. One knits and crochets; one sketches and paints, I generally embroidery and quilt (with some garment making). We each have made it a point to learn all manner of craft, but as we grow, have chosen the ones that suit us best.
In our home, we try never to sit for a movie (we do not have a television, but we can watch well chosen movies) without a productive handicraft in hand. This keeps us from just vegetating in front of the tube. It also ensures that we have handmade gifts on hand when the occasion calls for one.
Some nights (or afternoons) simply sitting altogether with projects in hand- we are together, bonding, lightly chatting or quietly absorbing the love and oneness I feel so many families lack.
My children are growing up so fast - each one a youth - and they will one day have a home of their own. I pray the quiet oneness of afternoon/evening handwork will carry over into their new homes and bless the families they will have. For now, I intend to soak up all the "simply- being" and togetherness available to me while we sit and share busy hands. How does your family encourage busy hands?
** note - if you're wondering, these are simplyjen's busy hands


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Andrea L.

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