Monday, February 1, 2010

Uno and Teenagers, Heaven Help Us!

Uno is supposed to be a boring card game, right? Not so when you're a teenager! We tend to spice up life with our sweet'n'sassy attitudes, and Uno becomes a CHALLENGE! Sneaking in Draw Two's, Skipping people for fun, changing the color when someone's down to Uno, or pulling out the dreaded DRAW FOUR WILD! It's full of competition, raucious banter, sweet talk, and surprises! Usually, I'm the Uno Queen, generally whooping hide in a few rounds (hee hee), making it all the way to 500, no big. But, somehow we coaxed Pa Scaife into a round or two, and he won EVERY ROUND, no one else even gettin' a score! It was SO unfair. :-) LOL.

The Goat Mama

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