Monday, February 15, 2010

Creepy Crawley Critters!

I LOVE creepy crawley critters! Lizards are my favorite, but it's also SO much fun to watch tadpoles grow in our fishtanks, as well as scare the spit outta Ma Scaife by draping fake snakes around her coffee creamer-LOL. Do y'all like creepy crawley critters? What're your favorites? I also think skinks and salamanders are just so CUTE! I've always had a love for creepy crawlers, although many girls don't. My Sunday School teacher is scared spitless of Lizards, and claims they're of the devil, although we don't believe her.
It's so cool to watch lizards change from brown to green and vice versa, as well as to spy on them and watch them snatch bugs right outta the air!!
So y'all, how do ya feel about God's CREEPY, crawley, creations, eh?
~Goat Mama

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