Friday, February 12, 2010

Will it ever be dry?

I'm tired of all the muck and the yuck, how 'bout y'all? Almost feels like Noah must've, so tired of being cooped up the in ark, but for us it's the house, mainly. I hope the Lord sends dry land and sunny skies soon!! The animals are also sick of muck, because when it's all wet and muddy and cold, how's a lil' goatie gonna play outside? :-( They're not very happy right now, and are hoping for sunny skies and dry land soon, as I'm sure we ALL do y'all guys spend your dreary, wet, swampy days? If ya want, let us know!
~Goat Mama


Beth Stewart said...

I hope it drys up soon! :)

SimplyScaife said...

We're supposed to have sunny skies until thursday!! yea!!