Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simply beautiful

Oh, the return of the sun!
In our little corner of the world we are having some much needed sunshine. Each of us migrates out to the warmth of those golden rays to soak up the nourishment and peace they bring. Family gathers on benches and in trees (yes, up in the trees!) to draw in God's beautiful goodness - the return of the sun. My, how we have missed the blue skies, fluffy white clouds..the song of birds...the chatter of squirrels-mmmmm.
With light, comes the need for some outdoor maintenance- barn cleaning! The farm animals jumped and ran,,,cheeped and scratched and sunned themselves in the golden beauty. Our pretty day was spent mucking, spreading, refreshing the stalls - coop - pasture - garden beds. Makes a person start to get the garden itch. I deeply look forward to sprouting seeds, colorful blooms, and buzzing bees....the flutter of butterflies and first harvests from the vegetable patch. Digging my hands deep into the rich soil and unearthing nourishing treasures ready to aide tiny seedlings in their plight for growth.
As such a day comes to an end, the temperatures drop- the birds go to their nest for warmth - farm animals return to their stalls and coops to nestle down in fresh bedding - the sun dips down behind the trees. ... we gather with warm cups and coats to watch as God paints a beautiful sunset for our soul to absorb.
Warm soup is made and served to contented hearts and handwork is picked up - for the first time today (because we were not couped up inside). Evening brings unwinding and relaxing; the Word is read to the gathered family before we snuggle into our beds to slumber beneath handmade quilts - knowing our Father watches over us and is planning another beautiful day ---just for you and me.
Wherever you are today, take the time to stop and enjoy the light that is shining and the family that is gathered near you. God bless you and give you joy and peace.

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