Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is Patch

Here is Patch - and yes, his spots are brown. I cannot recall ever seeing a dalmation with brown spots before I met Patch, yet I am told they are more common than I think.

Patch grew up in the city in a small, well manicured yard with a privacy fence. Beginning as a dog to one man, Patch was unsure of his feelings toward being a family dog. He went to obedience school and was house trained. Being a very old man ( he is 10 years old), Patch came to the country to live with us.

Now days, he loves to romp in the pasture, lay in the grass soaking up sunrays, eat dog treats and rumble with his buddy Hadassah.

Being and old man, he also has some stern dislikes - hates rain (seriously!), loves his dog house (but you are not to go near it!), firmly dislikes blankets (tears them to shreds - and Hadassah can't have one either!), would rather chew off his own leg than bathe --- (back to the hating rain thing!).

Lest I paint a grim picture - he loves alot. Loves hiking in the woods - (so many things to sniff!), loves tummy rubs (put her there!), loves dinner (but don't touch it!). loves Papascaife (partial to the man), and loves to spot squirrel (seriously - his favorite game of the day).

Having been with us almost a year, he has come to the conclusion that kids aren't so bad, Hadassah is, for the most part, good company, farmyards rule, dirt over concrete - riding in the back of the truck with the wind in your face is soooo awsome, and if Papascaife is not available - mom will do. Overall, he has decided he can handle spending the remainder of his dog days with this family out in the country!!! Good choice ol' boy- (cause we kinda like you, too).


** note - thankyou for the lovely comments yesterday! Your sweet thoughts were a great pick- me- up on one of those days.

And the phrase "and it came to pass" is found throughout all the gospels!

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