Friday, February 5, 2010

And he would play.....

Simplyfarmboy is simply musical. Afterall, what is a farmboy to do when he is not hauling hay, loading feed, mucking stalls or tilling soil? He relaxes by the fire with his trusty guitar! He has played guitar for several years now; at home, in assisted living centers, and in churches (oh, and most importantly- by the campfire!). Not only a guitarist, he also plays mandolin and some piano.
Yesterday he had a wonderful opportunity to purchase something on his wishlist--- a 12 string guitar (and at a super price - 2nd hand of course). Using his own earnings and savings (some from holidays), he made an appointment with the buyer to see the guitar. I was so pleased to hear him talk with skill and understanding about guitars and music-- then playing it there before we settled to buy it. All the way home, he made the instrument sing! I am not sure the strings have been silent since it arrived in our home. (By the way - he has told me to stop "gushing").
For today, our home is filled with the sound of strumming and guitar chatter. . . soak it up, and love that farmboy!!
**Note...a thanks to his uncle who introduced him to playing a 12 string guitar!

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