Monday, February 22, 2010

Update from a busy weekend....

Oh, what a busy weekend! Our farmgirl, simplynic is pleased to report the Top Hands Rodeo was a safe and wonderful experience for all the participants. We are very proud of all their hardwork and good sportsmanship! With all equipment and horses back in place, it is time to get back to routine... start over again. Time to shift gears and plan for spring/summer sessions at the barn.

Our farmgirl, simplyjen has been busy with me cleaning out the greenhouse and preparing garden beds with compost. A few seedlings have been started (in the house under lights) in anticipation of the nutritious soil that awaits them.

Our farmboy, simplyj has been assisting in garden bed maintenance as well as caring for and storing hunting gear. He has decided to start practicing his bow and arrow accuracy for next year's hunting season.

Papascaife is busy studying his seminary lessons, preparing sermons, and trying to get our new meat pen brooder house ready for the chicks due to arrive this week. Farmdads keep awful busy preparing for spring!

The family Sunday was full with worship services to attend, an extra guest for church, and unexpected visit from a little cousin. Sleep was sweet last night!

Today as we restart lessons, chores, and the weekly cleaning list.... it was discovered that winter preparations must begin again----- our area is forecast to have a possible two inches of snow tomorrow (not at all typical for us). So, we must be quick to add bedding to stalls, set heat lamps in coops, cover tender new crops, and stack firewood in the bin.

Stay warm, my friends... drink warm tea, serve hot, nourishing soups.... and snuggle in with your dear family. If it does snow... maybe a trip out to catch a few on our tongues will be in order!


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