Friday, February 19, 2010

Goat Love

Hey y'all! Do ya know how goats tell each other, and people, they love them? Well, I found out one day when I was with another GoatMama, sitting on some steps in the goatie pen feeding them leaves, when all of the sudden, one of them starts rubbing her head all over my chest! I said, Hey, ummm, what is she doing?! My friend laughed and said, she loves ya, and that's how they show it. So today as I was giving my babies loves and pats, I stood up to say something to Ma, and Willow starts rubbing her head all over my backside! It was SO WEIRD, not to mention it tickled!!! Has that ever happened to you? If so, don't worry, she's just sayin', "Hey Mama, I love you SO much, I just had to rub ALL over ya, and just love ya up." Seriously, that's what they're saying-WEIRD, but I love it anyways! Just gotta bear with 'em, no matter what. :-) LOL

~Goat Mama


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