Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wanna here a funny?

Hey y'all, the Goatmama's here. Have y'all ever seen a dog (or other pet) lick at the hose while you're filling up their water bucket, watering the flowers, etc.? Well, lemme tell ya a funny:

The Other day, I was filling up my goatie's water buckets, and when I got to Pineknot and Willow's, Pineknot decided to sidle up to the bucket and check out the water source.
He sniffed for a while, eventually getting water up his lil nose, which he did NOT appreciate, and then decided to show off his tongue: He stuck out his tongue, reaching out several inches, I mean, I've NEVER seen a goat's tongue THAT long!!
Anyway, he sticks out his tongue, and starts licking the water streaming from the hose handle, like a dog or cat or something. He was so obsorbed and captivated, and his tongue was so LONG that it was just so hilarious that the whole barn was in such an aproar over Pineknot's simple stupidity!!! We got the giggles, and they were contagious and half of us had to squeeze our knees together to keep from wetting ourselves, we were laughing so hard! When we stopped the water flow, he looked at us like we were stupid, cutting off the source of his plaything. Sadly, it was one of those Kodak moments, the ones that are so perfect and downright HILARIOUS, and of course, you never have any form of camera on you, ya know?

Anywho, if you got a kick out of reading this, lemme know what ya think!!

Luvs ya all,
Goat Mama


Bethany Kay said...

haha sounds SO cute! :D

SimplyScaife said...

Thanks Bethkay!
Goat Mama