Thursday, February 25, 2010

New babies on the farm!

Fifty of them! Oh, my what a busy day. Fretting, fussing, gathering supplies, wondering how it will all work....and today they arrived. Let the work begin...
Upon arrival, we take tender care to be sure each one starts drinking water (generally a little dip of the beak gets them going), then introduction to starter feed - no instructions are generally needed here- once they drink they grasp eating!
Then there is the phone call to our farmdad to inform him of the blessed arrival. His main question is, "Are they happy?" Well, babies are always happy when eating, drinking and pooping - so yes, our babies are quite happy...and noisy. Sweet little chirps are filling the air!
Regular trips to the coop are necessary to ensure proper temperature, ample feed and water, and general welfare of the little flock. We have lost track of how many trips were made already today.
Funny how little balls of fluff bring such happiness to our hearts...God must have know how we would feel.. since He made them for us. Well, here's to enjoying our newest arrivals!

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