Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is the focus??

The focus is on love; or so "they" say. Everywhere I turn, I am bombarded with the images ment to drive our focus to "love"--- hearts, roses, jewelry, images of "happy couples", cupid, "x's" and "o's"--- etc. What point are "they" trying to get across? Does receiving a gift of a set "holiday" bring or mean love? Does this help or hurt relationships, families, individuals? What is the real motive behind it all? (Not sure you really want my opinion here). What is a person to do?

As a Christian family, believers in Christ, God's children, how do we approach the topic of love? Having a home full of teenagers now, I felt a burden to creatively shift our focus to truth and away from commercial stereotypes. The love of God is the most important love we will ever need... the understanding of it and the possession of it will serve to guide all other types or focuses of love in our lives. How do we teach this to our teenagers when so much around them is focused on emotional love? I made a plan:
This week, my family will attempt to focus on the love of God; His love toward us and our love toward Him. In this we will attempt to answer two questions: "How do I know God loves me?" and "How does God know I love Him?" Here's the plan... two labeled with each question. .. each day - each one of us (adults included)-- place on slips of paper -- one answer to each question... there are no wrong answers... no judgement... just reflection and sharing (I hope we share them together at Sunday dinner). We'll see how it goes.
How do you know God loves you? How does God know you love Him? We look forward to you're answers as well!

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