Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love is......

Chocolate chip cookies, of course! Ha, ha, ha, now that you are done laughing - I'll tell you why.
Early in my married life, I discovered that my husband is a serious creature of habit. There are some things in his life you don't mess with, change, or attempt to improve upon. One of those things is his cookie stash.
As a newly married gal, I tried to impress my husband with my culinary skills. I knew his mother kept her freezer stocked with cookies for her boys to snack on whenever they wanted. I filled my freezer with all varieties; oatmeal, peanut butter, molasses, etc. Each time I made a new cookie for him, he would say, "What about chocolate chip?" Mind you, that question gets to you after a while.
So, the story eventually came to me.... his grandmother tweeked a chocolate cookie recipe to make twelve dozen cookies at one time. She kept these in her freezer for her farmin' man and all the guests that graced her door. Her daughter (my mother in law) carried this along... these are my husband's favorite cookies -- ever. It is a comfort and habit from his growin' up years. After several months of irritation with the cookie drama, I caved in and asked his mom for the recipe. Oh, the happy ending!!
And so, my friends, love is chocolate chip cookies. One way of showing my husband continual love and support is keeping his freezer well stocked with the family recipe (yes, he alerts me when the supply is getting low!). A simple act of getting to know this man I married and what makes him tick has spanned eighteen years. I have passed this wisdom to my own girls, and I share it with you. This may not be what makes your husband tick, but I urge you to know at least one thing that does- and do it! Often times it is just as simple as a freezer full of chocolate chip cookies.
Simplychele..18 years of making the same chocolate chip cookies!!

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