Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Saturday!

Whew, THAT was a crazy morning-my parents and sister got new phone upgrades!!! yay!!! And, I got my very first, very special, cell phone! I am so excited, and I love using it! It's one of those LG slides, white and green. Totally awesome! The Goat's think so too, posing for pics, lol. Also, SimplyNik and I have a party to go to in a little while, so today's hectic. It was so fun to finally join the world of the never-ending crazy with technology-sweet!
Gotta go,
Goat Mama


Beth Stewart said...

yay! you have a cell phone! :D

SimplyScaife said...

yeah, i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!
luvs ya,
The Goat Mama