Monday, March 1, 2010

Dreamin' of spring....

This beautiful painting was done by simplynic - a gift for her cousin.
Makes me dream of spring.
On this rainy Monday I carefully maneuver around puddles in my path...oh..dreaming of spring. For in the spring....gardens will be planted, laundry will dry on the line, the sun will gently kiss our faces, hens will lay eggs, birds will sing....ah, spring! The county fair will take place, 4-H elections will be held, celebrations of our Savior's resurrection will be make...the refreshing joy of spring.
During our morning chores we noticed a pleasant surprise - the daffodils had bloomed! Just beautiful - a reminder that spring is on its way - the cold will not last forever - the rain will subside - the seasons will continue as God promised!
Today, as you go about your day, seek out the evidences of the coming of spring.

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