Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who needs TV when......

Again, who needs tv when you have goats? Such personalily, such silliness, oh the fun of it. If you sit for a bit in their pasture or stall, these Lil' Nips are sure to entertain you. These cuties' share pasture with my chicks, so whenever I sit for my afternoon cup of coffee these lil' darlin's are right there sharing the spotlight with my gals. Romping, racing, playful acrobatics are just part of their crazy antics. If you sit near enough, you may get a nibble on the ear (as farmboy discovered yesterday) or a "kiss" on the nose (as goatmama is fond of) ---then there is the "let me climb in your lap a while" game (because we know that if one wants on your lap, they all want on your lap).
After several days of drizzle here in our neck of the woods, we finally had a day of sunshine and decided we must go out and soak it up!! Where else do you spend it but in the pasture with your herd? During our "muck the yuck" yesterday, the Lil' Nips herd showed off all the hillarity they had been saving up during the rainy spell. Laughter filled our woods, joy filled our hearts, and wonder in God's creation swirled in our minds. Another way God feeds the soul - in his beautiful, silly, amazing, and just plain cute, creation.
So we ask, who needs tv when you have goats? Not the simplyscaifes!!
simplychele and the farmkids
Question: Where does your joy come from?

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