Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yes, it snowed....

And what else can you do but go catch them on your cheeks and tongues? It seems such a simple thing, but a sweet memory you can keep forever...the sight of even your biggest kids running around in the snow....upturned faces....big smiles... makes you feel so blessed.

As is tradition, we made carmel popcorn to enjoy by the fire while watching a video and working on sewing projects, art projects, and sketching new ideas for metal arts. Warm soup was served and laughter was all around. Unfortunately one of the farmkids came down with a bit of a bug that afternoon. She seems to be improving today..just a few lingering side effects. (Funny how the older they get, the longer they wait to tell you they are not feeling well....guess they know me too well--off to bed..meds, fluids, rest!)

Either way.. the sun is out this morning; my baby roosters have started crowing; little goats are calling to be played with; dogs await a good romp in the mud; and some farmkids are eager to complete their studies and head outside. Soak up the sunshine - you never know how long it will last!


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